Buffalo Wrestling Club - Financial Support for Training and Summer Camps 2018-2019
We want to help our wrestlers build their skills and sense of community on and off the mat! Up to $200 for additional training or summer camps may be reimbursed or paid on behalf of any wrestler who participated in the 2018-2019 wrestling season through Buffalo Youth Wrestling, BCMS, or BHS programs. (Please note: funds may not be used toward the cost of competitions.)

Wrestlers who attended the 3-Day Camp we hosted in June and have not paid for that camp will be eligible for only an additional $140 of reimbursement. Wrestlers who attended the 2019 Malecek Team Camp are not eligible for additional reimbursement since they have reached the $200 financial support cap.

Please submit your request in a timely manner. One form per wrestler; there is an option to submit another form at the conclusion of this survey. Proof of payment and participation may be required.
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