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Reading the guidelines before you fill out this form is necessary, as the questions below are explained. Find the guidelines at
Although we are collecting full contact information, you will able to indicate later on inthis form which parts you wish to have listed in the Art Trail brochure and website.
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Your name, e-mail and website will be included in the brochure and The other items below are optional. Check all that you would also like included in the brochure and website.
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Would you like your Studio location indicated as a dot on the Art Trail brochure map? If you don't plan on inviting visitors, you may not wish to include it. Your choice.
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Do you wish to invite visitors to your studio or location during Special Event weekends (if Covid allows): This is not a commitment. You can change your mind at any time.
Need location?
If you would like to show your work live, but don't have a studio or home available for visitors on First Saturdays or Special Event weekends, do you need suggestions for another place to show? (It can be a store, another home....)
Virtual *
Would you like to take place in virtual events on Special Events weekends? Those can include showing your work, your studio, panel discussion, and more. This is not a commitment.
Categories *
The Artist Portfolio page has categories. Please choose all categories that mostly closely align with the work you have on your website, or can show to live or virtual visitors.
If you have a location where you will accept Art Trail visitors, do you share with other artists? If so, who do you share with?
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