Televac MX7B Feedback
The goal of this questionnaire is to gather feedback about the MX7B cold cathode ionization active gauge. We sincerely appreciate your input.
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The MX7B
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Briefly describe where you're using the MX7B
Examples: vacuum furnace/heat treat, national lab, semiconductor
MX7B features you used
Please select all MX7B features you've used
If you used the analog output (0 to 10 V DC/recorder output), which setting did you use?
Example: Logarithmic configured for 1E-6 Torr to 1E-3 Torr.
Describe any issues you experienced with any of the features you used
Are there additional features that you would like to see included with the MX7B?
Your MX7B ratings
Please rate the following items from 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. If you didn't use a feature, please feel free to leave the selection blank.
Display appearance and readability
Needed a magnifying glass to use the display (Poor)
I could see that thing from a mile away! (Excellent)
Clear selection
Front panel menu structure and navigation ease of use
GPS needed to navigate the menus (Poor)
I could navigate those menus in my sleep! (Excellent)
Clear selection
Front panel button functionality
Like the buttons on a hotel TV remote (Poor)
My infant child successfully used the buttons (Excellent)
Clear selection
Digital communications ease of use
Requires advanced degrees in Engineering (Hard)
Plug and play (Easy)
Clear selection
Accuracy of vacuum measurements
Not great (Poor)
This thing is basically a primary standard (Excellent)
Clear selection
Ease of cold cathode sensor replacement
Best left to rocket scientists (Hard)
Easy peasy lemon squeezy (Easy)
Clear selection
Ease of cold cathode control (turn on/off in high vacuum)
Extremely challenging (Hard)
So easy a cave person could do it (Easy)
Clear selection
MX7B manual
Could use improvement (Poor)
An excellent piece of literature; I recommend a Pulitzer prize (Excellent)
Clear selection
Your overall experience with the MX7B
Not great (Poor)
The greatest thing since sliced bread (Excellent)
Clear selection
Your comments
Please feel free to leave any additional comments here
Thank you!
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