20.S940: MIT BioMakers IAP Experimental Design Class Application
Please fill out this application to express your interest in taking the IAP BioMaker Workshop. We have capped enrollment at 60 students.
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Systems Biology (gene expression/repression, comparative genomics, algorithm creation, etc...)
Discovery-Based projects (natural products, genes, etc..)
Synthetic Biology (biosensors, create new function, etc...)
Protein Engineering (change function, affinity enhancement, protein sensors, etc...)
Bio-art (DNA origami, cellular induced motion, etc...)
Biomaterials (bone or tissue regeneration, stem cell culture, etc...)
Commercial Non-Stem Applications (E.coli lamp, etc...)
Do you already have a project idea? Or are you looking to explore? (or both) *
If you already have an idea, and you have teammates you would like to work with during the workshop, please list them here:
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Why are you interested in attending this workshop? *
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Tell us about 1-2 projects you've worked on previously. (they can anything, do not need to be STEM-related) *
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How committed are you to remaining involved with projects conceived during this workshop? *
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Very involved (15 hours / week)
How interested are you in staying involved with the MIT BioMaker community after IAP is over? *
Finally, please tell us how you found out about this workshop. *
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