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Please fill in all the relevant information below, and acknowledge the sponsorship format and terms.
Please note that sponsorship is not guaranteed, and we will approach the relevant sponsors for each event based on their specific fit (as far as the problem domain covered by the sponsor, and the event itself).
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SMEs - please provide below a list of your subject matter experts and a short bio/LinkedIn for each. Remember these should NOT be marketing/sales, but individuals who have experience and practice in the problem domain itself. Provide an SME for each of the problem domains checked above. *
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Sponsorship terms and expectations
Sponsoring the CISO Track enables you to garner highly valuable information on the problem domain in which you are operating. It is done through observing a discussion among executive security leaders (CISO/CSO positions).
Sponsors are expected to send a subject matter expert (SME) in the problem domain, who will be responsible to present the problem domain, and 5 questions/topics as a suggestion for the following discussion.
SMEs have 10 minutes to present, and must follow the CISO Track format (3 slides - in the template provided by us).
SMEs are not part of the following discussion (unless participants ask them to).
Sponsors also get to send ONE additional delegate to accompany the SME. The delegate is NOT part of the discussion, and is there only to take notes and observe the discussion.
Sponsor representatives (SME, delegate) are not to engage in any form of marketing or sales activity. They shall not solicit contact with any participant unless asked for by individual participants.
Sponsor representative presence in the CISO Track is limited to their session only.
Sponsor representatives are to abide by the Chatham House Rule.
Any violation of these terms and expectations will allow the CISO Track to terminate the sponsor's activity immediately (even during an active event), and forfeit any sponsorship payments to the CISO Track.
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