Fetch MI Home Animal Rescue Dog Questionnaire
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How many hours a day are you away from the home on average? Where do you plan to keep your new dog while you are away? *
How many people are in your household? If kids are present, please provide their ages. *
Do you currently have any pets? If so, please describe what type of pets and any details that may be helpful with determining whether the new dog would be a good fit with current pets. *
If you currently have other pets, are they up-to-date on vaccines and spayed/neutered? *
Have you ever had to rehome a pet? If yes, please explain. *
If your new dog developed training or behavioral issues, what would you do? (Examples: barking, digging, chewing) *
Are you committed to providing a home for your new dog for their entire life? Life can change, are you committed to making your new family member a priority? *
Do you have any questions about the dog you are applying for? If yes, please include below and we will do our best to answer when we receive your application!
Is there anything else that you think might be helpful to know to determine whether this dog might be a good fit for you and your home?
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