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This meeting will be a St. John's University in Collegeville.
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Optional Tour #1: Saint John’s Bible Vault Tour by Tim Ternes - 1:15-2:15
Location: Saint John’s Bible vault, Peter Engel Science Building [next door to Library] Learn more about the making of The Saint John’s Bible in a behind-the-scenes vault tour. Guests will explore the tools, materials, sketches used in making the Bible and have the opportunity to see and handle the Bible folios without the typical barriers of glass cases and display mounts. Limited to a maximum ten participants.
Optional Tour #2: Exhibits tour by Dr. Matthew Heintzelman - 1:15-2
Title: Living Prayer: Prayer brought to Life, Living Through Prayer Location: Alcuin Library’s HMML Reading Room/Gallery and Culhane Gallery Living Prayer introduces an approach to life that is not grounded on modern concepts of time, but on the rhythm of a daily routine that calls the believer to pray eight times per day—from Matins to Compline. In the Culhane Gallery one can see several Books of Hours, each opened to a different time of day. Continuing to the HMML Reading Room and Gallery, one can also learn about Saint Benedict’s views on reading the Psalms, as well as the Breviaries, Diurnals, Antiphonals, and other books that have been used for the Divine Office over the centuries. Limited to a maximum 15 participants.
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