Pathways Initiative Application 2019
This application provides space for you to tell us more about who you are, your experiences to date, and why you are a great fit for the Pathways Initiative. You must submit a resume and an essay response in order to submit this application. We are excited to hear from you!
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Undergraduate GPA (if you are still in school please indicate your most recent GPA) *
Where did you hear about this Fellowship? *
Number of years working with young people (as more than a babysitter) *
Please describe previous experience working with young people as more than a babysitter *
Borough preference for employment *
Second Borough Preference (if you can't be placed in your first) *
Age/Grade Preference (check all that apply) *
If you will be a senior in college in fall 2019 OR already have a BA or higher, please indicate which track(s) is of most interest to you (check all that apply)
Areas of specialty/content areas you would feel comfortable teaching (check all that apply) *
How much experience and comfort do you have in the following areas? Please score in space provided *
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No experience or comfort
Lesson Planning
Behavior Management
Differentiating Instruction
Leading discussions with groups
Trauma-informed practice
Conflict de-escalation/conflict management
Facilitating group games
Working as a part of a team
Receiving feedback
Youth development theory
Are you able to commit to working at least four afternoons a week? If no, you are not eligible for this program *
Are you able to commit to being paid $16.00/hour for ~20 hours per week in AFTERSCHOOL time? If no, you are not eligible for this program. *
How do you travel? *
Are you interested in working during the summer in a summer camp? *
Have you ever been fingerprinted through the Department of Education? *
Have you ever been fingerprinted through the Department of Health? *
List three adjectives that best describe you? *
Copy and paste atleast 300-400 word essay, that answers the questions below. Please pay attention to spelling and grammar *
1) Your career goals related to education or youth development; 2) Why do you want to become a teacher or a youth development professional? Why is this work important to you both personally and professionally; 3) What are you looking to get out of the Fellowship experience? Why are you applying?; 4) What are the qualities or characteristics that make you an ideal person to work with young people?; 5) What makes you unique? Is there anything else you think is important for us to know when considering your application?
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