Driveline Director of Sales
Location: Kent, WA
Salary: base + commission

Start Date: Q1 2021

This is a full time position.

This is NOT a remote position long term, though it can begin that way. It is located in Kent, WA. Financial relocation assistance will be offered upon accepting the role.

You will spend the majority of your time building a team committed to selling Driveline’s products and services to current customers and prospecting for new leads, channels, and customers. In addition you will be responsible for:

- Prospecting for high end accounts and caretaking of current customers
- Determining appropriate KPIs for the sales team as well as monitoring progress against those while forecasting accurate sales results
- Reporting and documenting the above results as well as communicating those to the company at large
- Building out the internal sales team at Driveline - hiring, on-boarding, mentoring staff
- Working closely with customer success and marketing staff to ensure cohesive sales and product plans
- Providing front-line feedback from customers to internal product, marketing, and executive teams
- Contracting and/or completing competitive market research and distilling the most important findings there into actionable insights for future product and marketing strategies

With direct access to our staff, coaches, players, and a variety of different technologies that few sports-science companies in the world can match, you will have an opportunity to build and leverage your network in amateur and professional baseball while selling some of the most cutting edge products in the game.

This position reports directly to the COO.


- Deep understanding of P&Ls and forward-forecasting models, gross margin and sales
- Experience managing separate strategic sales channels & coordinating with marketing on initiatives targeted to different marketplaces
- Existing high-profile purchasing relationships inside baseball
- Previous sales & management experience - combined with a track record of hiring, managing, and mentoring high-performers
- Experience using or teaching Driveline's programming
- Previous experience in coaching or playing baseball. Knowledge of the game within the game results in faster on-ramping at Driveline Baseball


- Excellent written verbal communication skills - developing and installing procedures and controls to promote adequate information flow from customers through to product teams and to the top of the org
- 80 grade "feel" - that mixture of empathy and common sense that makes people trust you and your colleagues like you
- Ability to direct the preparation of short-term and long-range plans and budgets, based on specific, mutually agreed-on growth objectives
- A desire to unearth creative solutions to unique problems
- An ability to find joy and fulfillment from the achievements of others
- A strong belief in the core mission of Driveline Baseball
- A love of writing, communication and documentation, plus a mindset for growth and learning. What do you want to be better at?
- An understanding of when it is appropriate to use/apply the Pareto principle, and when it isn't
- Proactively creating solutions to problems. You can't help but do a little weekend side-project to solve that issue that's been bugging you
- Optimism and a genuine desire to be "in" on new things - grounded in the realism of the day to day running of a baseball development company

- Any form of college education. We care about what you've done and what you're passionate about. Not what class load you've taken.

- Familiarity with Driveline's mission and a great answer for when we ask why that matters to you
- Passion for getting it right. "Smart people know how hard it is to know something."
- Ability to work independently

Driveline is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, creed, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, citizenship status, color, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, or any other status protected under local, state, or federal laws. For employees and applicants for employment who have disabilities, Driveline provides reasonable accommodation.
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