Application for "Why Are You Here?"
For 8th graders interested in being a part of "Why Are You Here?" Student-Led Company

Applications are due by Friday, September 6th.
"Why Are You Here?" Mission Statement:
Why Are You Here? Student-Led Company is working on motivating the community as a whole and to acknowledge our similarities and to celebrate everyone as an individual. We also encourage students to try their best and give it their all. We are willing to accept anyone no matter your past as long as you can live in the present and work hard to prepare for the future. This is why we are here, so why are you here?
Responses will be read through by administration, teachers, and previous "Why Are You Here?" leaders. Your responses are picked anonymously, to avoid any potential bias. No more than 25 people will be chosen, based on their responses to the questions in this application. *
"Why Are You Here?" will meet during 6a to start the year. *
Other than lessons scheduled, I expect you to be in "Why Are You Here?" every day. *
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Why do you want to be part of "Why Are You Here?"? Write why you want to be part of of this years "Why Are You Here?". Do you have what it takes to accept everyone and their differences? What leadership qualities do you have? How can you make this school and this world a better place? What you write here will help determine those who make it into the student-led company. So don't hold back! Do not use anyone's name in your response. *
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