MG Eclipse
Thank you for considering MG Eclipse, before you can join please answer these few questions. Thanks!
You must read and agree to our Creed before joining. Creed of MG Eclipse. Respect: Respect your fellow clan members and also expect to be respected. Commitment: Commit to being active in discord and in the game with practice, game nights and just playing together. Relationship: Build relationships with fellow members. We are not here just to find matchmaking partners, we are here to have friendship. Encouragement: We should always strive to encourage each other in all ways but specifically in following the creed. Attitude: Always try to have a positive attitude but more importantly try to avoid having a negative attitude. *
What is your Xbox Gamertag? *
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Are you over 18 years of age? (We offer certain chat channels for adults only) kids may join MGE but are expected to be mature and respectful. *
Who referred you? (This is Important because we have recruiting challenges/ giveaways) *
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*IMPORTANT PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRELY* You MUST join Discord to join MG Eclipse Please list your Discord name AND NUMBER below. Discord is CASE sensitive, SPACES included and must include your # NUMBER. --------->EXAMPLE: John Doe69#4934 <-- LOOK AT THE EXAMPLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IF YOURS DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THIS THEN YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Discord is a FREE APP. *
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MG Eclipse an exclusive clan. This means MGE should be your ONLY clan. If you're not fully committed to this please do not proceed with the form. *
We offer many cool activities here including tournaments for members only for Halo. Gamenights almost every day of the week most months. Giveaways of all kinds. We also maintain a fun atmosphere for all! *
We do not have tryouts, instead you will join as an initiate and rank up to full member once you prove you are not toxic and that you are a productive member. *
ALL members must attend at minimum 1 gamenight per month, if you do not then you will be removed unless you communicate before hand that you are unable to. (Gamenights are scheduled gaming sessions within the clan, custom games or matchmaking) *
Please explain why you want to join MGE and what positive attributes you bring to our community and what you hope to achieve here. *
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Upon answering these questions, if accepted, you will receive a friend request on discord from Prophet Onyx and an invite to our server as well as a spartan company invite on *
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