BachSoc Fall 2019 Audition Sign-Up
Thank you for your interest in the Harvard Bach Society Orchestra! Auditions will be held on Sept 3 and 4 (4pm-10pm) as well as Sept 5 (3pm-6pm). Please prepare 5-7 minutes of music, consisting of two contrasting works from your instrument's standard repertoire. There is no sight-reading or scales. We will be in touch shortly with your audition time assignment. Feel free to contact us at with any questions!

If you are a string player, you may opt in to be considered for a position as string principal. For each section (violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, bass), we will appoint two string principals to serve for the year. The two players will switch off each concert playing principal or assistant principal, and will have enhanced responsibilities in leading/organizing sectionals and meeting with the music director and assistant music director to decide on bowings.

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For string players: would like to be considered for a position as section leader?
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9/3, 4:00pm - 4:59pm
9/3, 5:00pm - 5:59pm
9/3, 6:00pm - 6:59pm
9/3, 7:00pm - 7:59pm
9/3, 8:00pm - 8:59pm
9/3, 9:00pm - 9:59pm
9/4, 4:00pm - 4:59pm
9/4, 5:00pm - 5:59pm
9/4, 6:00pm - 6:59pm
9/4, 7:00pm - 7:59pm
9/4, 8:00pm - 8:59pm
9/4, 9:00pm - 9:59pm
9/5, 3:00pm - 3:59pm
9/5, 4:00pm - 4:59pm
9/5, 5:00pm - 5:59pm
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