Ballgowns And Books Event - Sydney June, 2023
If you'd spoken to Tate or Jaymin at any time on the Friday before BABE2020 while they were setting up (or in the weeks leading up to the event) and suggested a repeat performance, they'd have laughed. A LOT. If hosting an event was like pregnancy and birth, that Friday was active labour. But then... Saturday rolled around. Everything went smoothly. Everyone enjoyed themselves. The room looked incredible and the photos were flooding social media. Jaymin instantly knew this event baby shouldn't be an only child. I mean, look how good it turned out! Tate... well... after around 17 daquiris and a handful of shots at the after party, Tate grudgingly gave it a grumpy "maybe".

So, this is the maybe. Book signings can only happen with strong author attendance, so before the BABE team gets too excited about the prospect of a 2023 event, its imperative to know if authors will come.

We had a huge (heartbreaking) number of author cancellations for BABE2020 so please consider all the details carefully before filling out this form.

Please ONLY express your interest in being a signing author if you fully anticipate being able to attend a BABE event in Australia, should you be invited. This is a long way for many of you and it's not a cheap trip, however the incredible reader response and the sheer volume of books they purchased at BABE2020 more than makes it worthwhile!

Over 10,000 books found loving new homes after our event, and we couldn't be more thrilled for the bookworms of Australia. <3

EDITED TO ADD: ALL authors are welcome to register interest, regardless of contemporary, fantasy, PNR, sci-fi... anything at all. We really want to represent a solid cross-section of all books!
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This event will be held in June 2023, most likely 10th or 17th. This date will be confirmed closer to the time when our venue allows. Do you understand?
Should COVD still be impacting world travel, this event will be postponed. We will keep our attending authors informed of every change in the restrictions as we hear them, but all hopes are that the world will be back to normal by 2023!!
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