On-costs User Feedback
We're collecting feedback on an upcoming feature to include on-costs in to the costs display in Tanda. Help us out and let us know what costs, how you calculate them, and where you'd like to see them displayed.

Please add as much detail as you can below and we'll come back to you in the next few days if we need any more information.
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In the context of your organisation, what is an on-cost to you?
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Which on-costs do you customarily include in your labour costs?
How do you calculate each of these on-costs?
e.g. are they calculated as a flat percentage? Dependent based on the number of hours worked in a pay period?
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Does the calculation of these on-costs change between different locations of your business?
Which employees attract these on-costs?
How much of a pain point is not having on-costs in Tanda?
How does not having on-costs in Tanda affect the reliability of other cost information in Tanda?
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How often do you include on-costs when viewing wage costs?
Where in Tanda would you expect to see on-costs INCLUDED?
Where in Tanda would you expect to see on-costs EXCLUDED?
Is it more important to see these costs broken down into individual calculations or simply combined into a total amount?
Any other questions/comments?
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