Request SketchUp Pro New Hampshire License Codes for Your School District
Thank you for your interest and participation in the SketchUp Statewide License Grant program. The goal of this program is to make SketchUp Pro available, free of charge, to public K-12 (primary and secondary) schools around the world. New Hampshire Educational Technology has the primary responsibility to validate incoming requests and distribute New Hampshire's license codes to qualifying schools.

Please use this form to request the license codes for your school. Please submit only ONE request per district. Once submitted, you will receive information with the codes you need to install SketchUp on all your get your labs and educators set up. In order for a school to authorize a SketchUp Pro Grant license, their IP address must be whitelisted by their Grant Administrator, New Hampshire Educational Technology. This step is a necessary security measure required to prevent the free distribution of SketchUp Pro Grant Licenses to unauthorized parties. IP Addresses must be provided for every school network on which computers that will install the StechUp Pro software are connected.

If you have any schools in your district with a 1:1 laptop environment, please indicate that as well on the form, so we can get some codes specific to that scenario. This form is shared with the Sketchup coordinator at Trimble, so they can be informed of the number of licenses in use in NH schools. They also have your contact info now, so that's also helpful if they want to send you updates or other info. Please be certain to answer the questions on the number of installations and students who will have access. An IP Address for each network that will be used is required. This information is useful to Trimble and will support their continuation of this state partnership program.

Once you adopt the use of Sketchup in your classrooms, it would be valuable to hear how it's going and what educational uses you've implemented.

Special note regarding private schools: We don't issue license grants to individual or private schools. We do, however, offer highly discounted SketchUp Pro EDU licenses to schools, for as little as $15 per seat, per year. Please see the Trimble licensing information page (, with links to our network of resellers ( can fulfill your request.

All schools are also permitted to download and use our free product, SketchUp Make (

If you have any questions, please contact:
Stan Freeda
New Hampshire Educational Technology
NH Department of Education
District Name *
Please check your spelling and list the complete district name.
First Name *
This should be the first name of the person submitting this request. This person will act as the District SketchUp Coordinator.
Last Name *
Last name of the District SketchUp Coordinator, who is submitting this request.
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One to One Laptops? *
Do you have any schools with 1:1 laptop scenarios?
Share the Info *
Do you take responsibility as District SketchUp Coordinator and agree to share information about Sketchup Pro with the teachers, adminstrators, and students in your district within an appropriate time period?
This question is optional. Would you like to tell us how you intend to use this? Do you have other questions?
How many SketchUp software installations will you provide for classrooms or computer labs? *
Please just give us the approximate number of devices in which you will install SketchUp.
How many students will have access to SketchUp throughout the school year? *
Please just give us an approximation for our records.
Please provide the IP Address(es) for all the Networks that will host Devices with SketchUp installation. (Please use IPv4 or CIDR block format.) *
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