Sixth Annual Indy Hackers Holiday Social (2016)
We are incredibly grateful for all of those that came out and made this event a success. All of you are awesome! Special thanks to the sponsors for supporting our goal of giving the local software community a technology and company agnostic place to call home. Together we will continue to make this community stronger!

Also, thank you in advance for giving us some feedback...we want to continue to make improvements in the future!

This survey can be totally anonymous. However, if you put that you had an allergy, or a people problem, we'd love to reach out to you and ask you about that. So if you don't mind, we'd love to have your name and e-mail. (We won't share it or put you on any list, we promise!).
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A few questions about the event...
How was the food?
How were the drinks?
How was the Music
How were the lights?
How were the games/activities?
How was the helpfulness of the organizers?
How was the overall welcoming-ness?
How was the venue?
A few questions about you!
We tried a few different ways of letting you know about the event...which one reached your ears, eyes, hearts? :-)
Do you attend any local meetups? Which ones?
What is your craft? (A hacker can be many things, we want to know how many of the different type of hackers are interested)
For those who write code...what would you consider to be your top 1-3 languages? (List came from
Almost done...a bit about your employer...
Which best describes your business/employer?
Do you think your employer would be interested in sponsoring other IndyHacker events?
If so, how should we contact you/them?
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Finally, any specific feedback for us?
What would you have changed about the Holiday Social?
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What would you have kept the same at the Holiday Social?
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Is there anything else you’d like to share about the Holiday Social?
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