Historic Greenwood District Business Owner Survey
Please use this form to provide your feedback on your needs as business owner in the Historic Greenwood District. This will help the Main Street Program best support you.

It will take about 5 - 10 minutes to complete.
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Year business started
Number of employees
Did you know that your business is in the Historic Greenwood District?
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What is your biggest concern about the Historic Greenwood District?
What is the biggest opportunity for the Historic Greenwood District?
What type(s) of training would be beneficial for your business?
What type(s) of technical assistance would be beneficial to your business?
What type(s) of infrastructure improvements do you think are needed in the Historic Greenwood District?
The Historic Greenwood District Main Street just created a new logo. How would you like to see the logo used in the district?
The Historic Greenwood District Main Street is starting a social media account and website. How can this support your business?
Many Main Street programs have a facade grant program, which is a matching grant for building improvements. How could this type of program best support your business? In other words, what types of projects would you apply for this grant for?
We want the Historic Greenwood District to feel more welcoming! What do you think that the Main Street organization should do to create a friendlier environment for visitors to the district?
If you have specific thoughts about anything listed above, please share below.
Would you like to be involved in the Main Street program? How would you be willing to support the organization?
Lastly, how can Main Street help your business succeed? Please share any ideas, big or small!
Are you willing to have a follow-up discussion with someone from the Main Street board about your ideas? If yes, please provide your contact information below.
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