Honors Opt In Form 2019-2020
Honors Courses: English Language Arts & Social Studies (must take BOTH).

Indicators of Success for Honors:
 Grade of “B+”or higher in Language Arts and Social Studies
 Interest and academic ability in reading/analyzing works of literature and informational text
 Strong writing skills and desire to expand one’s vocabulary
 Approximately up to one hour/night dedicated to homework, research, projects and studying
 Capacity to work well independently and in groups
 Consistent work completion
 Advocates for one’s self and seeks assistance when needed

Please have student read the following statements and check the "Agree"
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Student Grade in 2019-2020 *
1. I am aware that honors level courses are rigorous and demanding. I believe that I have the necessary academic skills, positive study habits, motivation, and commitment to succeed. *
2. I understand that the teacher to whom I am assigned for the course will remain the same for the whole school year. *
3. I will make a commitment to stay in the class for one year and I am aware that the grade will be part of my permanent middle school transcript. *
4. I have discussed my decision for honors level classes with my parent(s)/guardian(s), and I'm aware I can utilize them for support, along with my teacher and school counselor. *
5. I recognize that success in these courses requires a great deal of time. I will need to exercise time management skills in order to maintain a healthy balance between in-school and outside-of-school commitments. *
6. Are you currently enrolled in at least one Dual Immersion course offering and interested in taking at least one next year? *
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