Survey on Regathering For In-Person Worship
Please take a few moments to complete this survey that will allow our Protocol Planning and Preparation Team to make informed decisions on regathering for in-person worship. Please note that our goal is to survey the entire in-person congregation of both Decatur & Concord, in order to keep tack of responses your name and email address is required. Thank you.
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Looking toward regathering...
When in-person worship resumes things will look different. Here are a several of our required protocols: universal face coverings, social distancing at all times, maintaining no contact (no hugging, handshakes, or high fives), no choir, no congregational singing, collection of contact information for all, no bulletins, hymnals, or pew bibles, possible preregistration to attend worship, no Sunday School.
Given the challenges listed above, are you likely to attend an in-person worship gathering when they are offered? *
What is your biggest concern about in-person worship?
Are you open to attending outdoor worship on the lawn (with universal face coverings and social distancing) as a first step to in-person worship? *
Please give a short explanation on your response to attending an outdoor worship experience.
What other suggestions or concerns would you like to share about plans to regather?
When we gather for in-person worship, it will require many volunteers to make things possible. Please indicate the ways you might be able to volunteer:
How can we be praying for you right now?
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