WTSS 2019 - Art Honoraria Program Application Form
Welcome lovely burner!

We're honoured that you want to participate with your awesome art project at the fourth edition of Where The Sheep Sleep (WTSS) 2019. Our little Playa will open its gates on June 27th 'till July 1st 2019.

This year Burning Man Netherlands Arts issues a small number of grants for the purpose of partially funding specific art projects for installation at the Where the Sheep Sleep event in the Netherlands.

Please read our extensive FAQ that should answer most of the questions you might have about our honorary program: http://burningman.nl/honoraria-program-2018/

● IMPORTANT, first things first.
To apply for a honorarium/grant you first need to fill in the standard Art Application form. Without a complete Art Application form your honorarium request will not be handled.

If you’re interested in applying for funding for an art installation bound for the annual Where the Sheep Sleep event in the Netherlands, you must submit this form As Soon As Possible!

● What does not get funded?
- Performances, activities or workshops
- DJs and amplified sound
- Domes, tents, teepees, stages or other prefabricated structures
- Mutant vehicles
- Theme camps

● What expenses are eligible for funding?
- Materials and supplies, including tools, consumables, hardware, fuel, and Leave No Trace supplies
- Transportation of your art installation to and from the WTSS
- Speciality services such as welding, laser cutting, etc.
- Build space rental

● My question is not answered by above, how do I get more help?
- First read our complete Q&A list on http://burningman.nl/honoraria-program-2018/
If you still have a questions please contact your Art Lead by email via art@burningman.nl
Time to get started:
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