Internal Tester Application
Enso Entertainment is excited that you want to be a part of our game Waifu Fight Dango Style. We hope you will enjoy your experience while testing the game. Filling out an application does not guarantee you to become an internal tester as we will choose from a subset of the applications we receive base on the responses below. Thank you for your interests!
Release Schedule
We release minor updates between 2-4 weeks unless we run into major complications.
We release bug fixes if any major bugs appear in our minor release.
Please understand that the game is still in early beta and with that the game may still have graphical placeholders, bugs, and incomplete systems. We hope that you understand that the final release of the game will be polished with finalized graphics, complete working systems and little to no bugs.
Application Form
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We will email you a steam key if you are picked to be an internal tester (ks backer? use your email from ks)
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