Earth Month 2022 Reflections
Earth Month 2022 was a chance to rekindle community, self-heal, and reconnect with the Earth through celebrations during April 2022. The many co-sponsors, Environmental Action Committee, and Environmental Stewardship Committee would like to hear your feedback on your experiences at Earth Month 2022, collect your ideas for 2023, and learn from you about how we all can better honor Mother Earth every day at Augsburg and beyond. Please complete this survey. Your name and contact information will not be recorded unless you indicate interest in organizing for next year.

Mii omaa akiing endaayang - The Earth is our Home

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Thanks everyone for making Earth Month 2022 a joyous time!
Select which best describes your role and/or affinity to Augsburg: *
What is your area of study (i.e. major, minor, etc.) and/or Department/Program area? *
During Augsburg's Earth Month 2022, which event(s) did you attend? *
Did you volunteer for and/or donate to the ShareShop during MoveOut (4/18-4/29)? *
Why did you choose to attend the event(s)? (Check all that apply) *
What were your favorite parts of the Earth Month 2022 event(s) that you attended? *
Please reflect on your experiences at a specific event, multiple events, and/or the full month in general.
What what could have been improved upon at the Earth Month 2022 event(s) that you attended? *
Please reflect on your experiences a specific event, multiple events, and/or the full month in general.
The goals of Earth Month 2022 were to share knowledge, heal from burnout, and spread joy across approaches to environmental sustainability, justice work, career fields, and movement spaces. On a scale of 1-5 and based on your experience, how well do you think the organizers of Earth Month achieved these goals? *
Did not achieve these goals
Exceeded these goals
An important priority in the co-creative planning of Earth Month was to offer and collaborate on events, spaces, conversations, and activities that underscored and exemplified Intersectional Environmentalism*. Please share your experiences on how well this was or was not achieved? (This feedback is especially welcome from participants who identify as having one or more past/present marginalized or excluded identities.) *
*"An inclusive approach to environmentalism that advocates for the protection of both people + the planet. ... IE focuses on achieving climate justice, amplifying historically excluded voices + approaching environmental education, policy, and activism with equity, inclusion, and restorative justice in mind." - Leah Thomas (
How did you hear about Earth Month 2022 events? (check all that apply) *
What topics or types of events would you like to see more of during next year's festivities? *
Please share some of your thoughts, lessons, ideas, observations, inspirations, and/or tensions, etc. that you took away from your experience at Earth Month 2022 event(s). *
Please rank your top 5 priorities for how Augsburg can advance Environmental Sustainability: *
The Augsburg University Environmental Stewardship Committee (ESC) of the University Council guides the work of environmental stewardship through 4 primary goal areas: Practices & Operations, Curriculum & Scholarship, Culture & Ownership, and Climate Action. Recognizing that the shift toward environmental stewardship is a living process that requires ongoing engagement, monitoring, and updating, everyone's contribution therefore integral in these areas to build ownership and distribute responsibility across the Augsburg community.
Food Sovereignty at Augsburg and Cedar-Riverside
Clean Water access
Local & Environmental Sustainable Purchasing
Plant more Native plants on campus grounds
Community Garden access
Circular Economy initiatives (e.g. ShareShop)
Mutual Aid efforts (e.g. Buy Nothing, skill shares, etc.)
Renewable Energy
Waste Diversion (compost, trash, recycling)
Permeable Pathways & surfaces
Solar Power on campus
Decrease air pollution
Expand inclusive green transportation
Divest Augsburg's investments from fossil fuels
Decrease Energy Consumption (e.g. installing energy efficient retrofits)
Everyone enjoying & feeling safe outside
Political engagement
Environmental Sustainability embedded in the curriculum
First Choice
Second Choice
Third Choice
Fourth Choice
Fifth Choice
Please share briefly why you prioritized that work. Please, if applicable, explain any other priorities that were not listed above, but are a priority for you. *
Please share briefly what actions you want to take to help support this work that you have prioritized. *
Would you be willing to have any of your answers from this survey quoted as part of sharing the results of this survey? *
Please write your name and email below if you would like to be involved in the planning of Earth Month events next year and/or in ongoing Environmental Sustainability work at Augsburg.
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