General election - my pledge to British citizens in Europe and EU citizens in the UK
All parties have included in their manifestos a commitment to securing the rights of British citizens living in Europe and EU citizens in the UK after Brexit.

At the same time, Michel Barnier recently commented that "the level of protection afforded under EU law must not be watered down - Brexit should not alter the nature of peoples' daily lives".

Together, the coalition British in Europe and the3million are asking you to pledge your strongest support by agreeing to these statements: 

1. Securing the rights for British citizens in the EU and EU citizens in the UK should be an absolute priority in the forthcoming negotiations and should be settled first; and

2. The agreement on citizens’ rights should be ring-fenced from the rest of the negotiations. This is absolutely critical in order that our rights be preserved if negotiations should break down over other matters, and even if the UK walks away from negotiations with no deal at all.

Almost five million people have made homes and built lives in another EU country, taking advantage of their freedom to do so as EU citizens. I hope you will agree that citizens - human beings - should not be the collateral damage of Brexit.

(i) Negotiating directives published on 3 May by the European Commission. Citizens' rights are covered on pages 4 and 5: ​
(ii) Draft position/working paper "Essential Principles on Citizens' Rights" published by the European Commission 29 May:

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