Artist/Artisan Application for the Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek Gift Shop at The Lebel
The Lebel Mansion is operated by the Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek who's mission is to Cultivate Creativity in the Pincher Creek area. The building is host to a public art gallery, gift shop, children's art programs, an active ceramics guild, adult art classes plus home to local business and community groups. In addition we curate artworks in spaces throughout Pincher Creek. The Allied Arts Council is committed to representing strong artists and craftspeople who make well considered, quality fine art and hand crafted goods.

As an artist in our gift shop or curated spaces in the community, we ensure your work is marketed physically within the community as well as on our online platforms. We strongly encourage our artists to collaborate with us on social media because a community working together promotes positive actions.

The Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek Gift Shop works on a consignment basis and has a 70% (Artist) 30% (AAC) commission rate for all consigned goods.

Artist Name/Business Name *
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Website & Social Media ( if you do not have a presence online state N/A) *
Describe your Artistic Practice. Please provide a Bio or Artist Statement if one is not available online at the addresses provided *
If you do not have images of your work available online please email them to with the Subject Line "Artist Name" Artist Application *
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Is your work for sale at any other location in Pincher Creek? *
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Do you attend markets to Sell your own work? If so which markets work best for you? *
If your application is accepted and we feel we are able to represent your work well within the community would you agree to consignment with a commission rate of 70% (artist) 30% (AAC) ? *
Thank you for applying to have your work represented here at The Lebel in The Allied Arts Council of Pincher Creek Gift Shop. If we feel your work would be a good fit for the shop and we would be able to properly represent your work within the community we will be in touch with you.
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