Pilgrimage for COP26

17th - 31st Oct 2021

Please use this form to give us some details about yourself and which part of the pilgrimage you would like to join.

One form per person please.

We welcome participants of all ages, but we cannot be responsible for those who are under 18. Under-18's may only participate if they are accompanied by a responsible adult who is fully responsible for them. We also do not want to collect data for under-18s. Please email us at if you are under-18 or plan to bring someone and be responsible for someone who is under-18. If you are over-18 please complete the form below for yourself.
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Name of person and phone number to call in the event of an emergency.
I am 18 or over, and consent to Pilgrimage for COP26 storing my data, sharing it with relevant team leaders, and to receiving communications from Pilgrimage for COP26 // We will use this data only for communication in the run-up to and during the Pilgrimage for COP26 and will never pass it on to third parties. *
Do you agree to take responsibility for your safety and the safety of any minors and vulnerable adults you are responsible for? // All individuals, groups and organisations engaging with any aspect of the Pilgrimage for COP26 are responsible for ensuring their own safety, and the safety of any minors or vulnerable adults for whom they are responsible, for the entire duration of their engagement. Any individuals, groups and organisations intending to engage children, young people under the age of 18, or vulnerable adults as part of Pilgrimage for COP26 must ensure that affirmative consent has been provided by all relevant parents and guardians, and that adults intending to engage with children and vulnerable adults hold appropriate DBS and other safeguarding checks, as required under UK law. Pilgrimage for COP26 organisers will do their utmost to implement safeguarding and have other wellbeing support mechanisms in place throughout the pilgrimage, however, neither Pilgrimage for COP26 nor any Pilgrimage for COP26 organisers hold liability for the safety and security of individuals, groups and organisations engaging with Pilgrimage for COP26. *
Do you agree to respect all other participants and raise any safeguarding concerns you may have for them or yourself? // Everyone should be able to live free from fear and harm and have their rights and choices respected. We will provide the necessary contact where you will be able to voice any concerns if you feel that the rights and choices of you or other Pilgrimage for COP26 participants are not being respected. *
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