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If so, we highly recommend that you embed screenshots or a YouTube video of your demo into your slides. Unfortunately we cannot provide extra presentation time for technical difficulties that could occur in showing a demo (e.g. a mock website or app) so having an embedded screenshot or video is a very good backup plan. Embedded GIFs also work as long as they are under 10 seconds long. Longer GIFs may not load due to file size constraints--in this case embedding a YouTube video is a better option.
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NOTE THAT ONLY GOOGLE SLIDE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. All other slide formats must first be converted to Google Slides before submission.
Oh no! I made my slides in PowerPoint/KeyNote what do I do?
Never fear! You can fix this.

1. First thing to try... create a new Google Slide deck and click "File">>"Import Files">>"Upload Files". Load in your Powerpoint/KeyNote presentation. Click through your slides and ensure they still look like you want them. Hopefully this works and you are done!

Oh no! My slide formatting got messed up when I tried importing into Google Slides!
2. Okay, no worries. Here's the next thing to do. Go into PowerPoint/KeyNote and save your slides as images (PNG, JPEG, etc.):
In PowerPoint you do this by "File">>"Save as">> select jpeg format from the dropdown menu.
In KeyNote you do this by "File">>"Export to">>"Images"
Create a new Google Slides document and insert one picture per slide. If you have animations on your slides you will unfortunately have to go into PowerPoint/KeyNote and create one slide per animation step. You'll have a lot of slides but this is a fool-proof way to get your slides to show up properly.
Once your Google Slides deck is finalized, here's what you do:
Click "File"
Click "Publish to web"
Click "Publish"
Copy your slide link and submit it below.
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