Pandemic Patch: Character Skill Path (a.k.a. Volunteer Interest Form)
Thank you for your interest in Zeemz: Pandemic Patch. We're building a game to save lives. Information is power. The doctors and physicians working with Coronavirus patients are acquiring firsthand knowledge through trial and error. Some of them are sharing that knowledge with, a Coronavirus Q&A site designed to deliver the most current CoVID-19 answers to the questions that arise from the public and doctors meeting CoVID for the first time.

The more we know about Coronavirus, the better prepared we'll be to reduce the spread. Let's harness our superpowers to create Pandemic Patch as an augmented reality game that reduces hospital congestion by gamifying the waiting room experience.

Dear Zeemz Crafter,

It is time to choose your Skill Path!

~Skill Master I, Nacho
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First and last name OR whatever you want to be called as this is your name. Choose wisely and please remember, we don't know how to pronounce "asdjfaasdfua09u808w4ktn234kj5yy" though we will try. If you do choose a random string, we'll also need a nickname, something shorter like "asdjfaas."
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Most of the Zeemz development conversations take place on Discord. We occasionally make appearances in random Slack channels belonging to other teams. We don't have a Slack and we don't really have future plans for one. Email and Discord are where it's happening.
If you want Zeemz to recognize your skills, recommend you for the kickass work you do, or to otherwise promote your business skills, then please share your LinkedIn. Perhaps you're anti-Microsoft (they bought LinkedIn), if you use Indorse, leave that here instead.
All our code, code discussions, and pull requests take place on Github (Trigger warning: this is also now owned by Microsoft, if you want to help us set up a redundant codebase on Bitbucket, put your handle here).
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