Digital Learning Dashboard Survey
The purpose of this survey is to collect and report data regarding all students access to digital devices and internet access at home. This information will be used to help target areas of need and ensure that all NC students have adequate access to devices and the internet to access learning. Note that the information gathered will be kept private and confidential.  This survey is optional.  If you have more than one student with the same answers, you will be allowed to indicate the number of students near the end of the survey.  If the answers are different for each student, please fill the form out again for each of your students with different answers.  If you have trouble completing the survey, please see "How to use Techelp" on the Technology department website for assistance.
Does this student have a digital device(s) at home?
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If devices are provided by the home, indicate which device(s) are available for home use. Select all that apply.  
If students do not have access to digital devices at home, please indicate the reason(s). Select all that apply.   
Do students in your home have consistent internet access that is adequate to complete schoolwork?   
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Which type(s) of internet service does the student(s) have access to at home? Select all that apply.  
If you do not have  consistent, dependable internet access, please indicate the reason(s) below.  Select all that apply.  
What other sources do the students have for connecting to the internet outside of the home (when not in school)? Select all that apply.  
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