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MyUmbrella was started to provide a space to celebrate and promote the various stories and journies that exist in our community. I’ve learned that while we are quick to admire other people, we often discount our own journey or successes. On a personal level, writing in my journal was the only constructive outlet I had to get through those difficult years. Quite frankly, it’s something that my friends and I could’ve benefitted from growing up.

We’re excited to announce the launch of our writer's program. You don’t have to be a published or accomplished writer to participate. You just have to be able to express yourself in a relatable way. The Cohort is intended to allow a space for people to share their stories, thoughts and observations with the queer community. There is no correct way to be queer and we want to highlight the diversity of the community.

We’re passionate about improving the well being of queers everywhere and would love for you to join our team. Please note this is an unpaid opportunity. For more info check out
-Angie, MyUmbrella Founder
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