Holistic Bodywork with Annu Tara

By answering the questions below, I am more able to understand your specific needs during your Holistic Bodywork treatment and can tailor our session time together accordingly.

My approach to this work and your well-being is holistic and soul-centred. This means I take the whole of you and your life into consideration, including your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. All information you share with me will remain strictly confidential. Your completed consultation form and any additional case notes will be stored securely as password-protected computer files, accessible only to myself.

Please read my privacy policy to learn how I use and store your general data, as well as my terms and conditions for further information.

There are 5 sections to this form. Please answer as many questions as you can and include as much information as you can. Some questions are mandatory and cannot be left blank. Before submitting your information, be sure to read & accept Annu Tara's Terms & Conditions & tick the relevant box to acknowledge this.

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