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In 2019, the Black and Brown Cannabis Guild began organizing and creating programming in communities disproportionately harmed in the War on Drugs by creating access to expungement resources for hundreds of Michiganders. While proudly helping many get criminal convictions removed from their records, the team was quickly exposed to the challenges of assisting the countless others who could not continue their expungement efforts but still needed additional resources. So in 2020, BBCG endeavored to forge partnerships with Cannabis industry employers that could grant individuals with challenging pasts, promising opportunities for the future. Committing to participate in this program grants skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds the chance to reach their full potential, while practicing social equity and serving justice where it is often unseen.
Terms of Agreement
• Transparent communications for employment opportunities that are compensated at a living wage
• Annual BBCG site visit
• Granting formal first round interviews to all BBCG pipeline referrals
• Annual data-sharing regarding employed, terminated, or denied referrals
• Consistent applicant recruitment and workforce development
• Employers included on BBCG Pipeline to Employment Digital Platforms
• Professional Advocacy, Network and Community for Cannabis Employees
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