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We [USA Covid Mutual Aid] are looking for fresh volunteers to help run and distribute important Covid and mutual aid Information across the country.

At the beginning of the pandemic we came together to coordinate some of the first PPE drives in Colorado, and later connected with other mutual aid groups across the country to provide relief and support. We believe there is still a gap in access to covid resources and information as well as Mutual aid information. We’ve made it our goal to curate and distribute the best, most vetted resources for people across the country.

Despite the ups and downs of 2020, we continue to receive emails from people across the country looking for help. We want to renew our focus in building relationships with other Covid & mutual aid actors and organizations to source and distribute needed information and resources.

Thank you for your interest in joining this volunteer project! Please take a moment to fill this out, and we will follow up via email to connect and figure out if we're a good fit.
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