Scona's Initiative Application Form for Non-Profit Organizations
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At Strathcona School, we like to turn our motto "As One Who Serves" into a reality. Each year as a school we collaboratively choose a charitable organization that we feel is directly working to improve an issue that is close to our hearts. We then invite the school and community to come together to participate in a massive service campaign that is both fun and meaningful. This memorable year-long endeavour has come to be known as our “Scona Initiative.” This tradition started on a small scale ten years ago and has grown into one of the largest school run fundraisers in Canada. Recent beneficiaries included World Bicycle Relief, the Bissell Centre, Change for Children, ShelterBox Canada, the Jack Davis Hope Foundation, EarthGroup in partnership with the World Food Programme and Doctors Without Borders. From previous campaigns, we have learnt that there is a desire for Edmontonian's to "give where we live," and also a desire to serve our global community.

After watching this project grow over time we created this application process. This application form is an opportunity for non-profit’s to express interest in partnering with us this year or in the future. If you are connected to a non-profit organization or know someone who is, please share this link and complete the following questions below. With this information, we can then begin the process of working on our 2019/20 “Scona Initiative” and choosing a partner organization. The due date for completing this form is September 20th. Also, in previous years, organizations have asked to do a presentation for our student body. We will use the application below to shortlist and then will invite presentations at that point.

Criteria used for shortlisting:

Non-profit organizations applying should have:

- a healthy financial record/history
- a fair administrative fee structure
- a user-friendly website
- ability to issue Canadian tax receipts
- the ability and willingness to educate our student population about your organization's purpose
- resources and ideas that can support our school's campaign
- the ability to clearly illustrate the metrics of impact of donations (and/or time) for students to understand the organization's influence on the issue it addresses

Thanks for taking the time do this form. We will shortlist organizations in September and go to a school-wide vote in late October. We are looking forward to supporting one or more local and/or global non-profit organizations.


Strathcona School Students

Social Media - @sconainitiative
Questions -

Name of non-profit organization: *
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First and Last Name: *
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Position in or relationship to this organization:
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Email Address: *
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Phone Number: *
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Organization's Website: *
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Link to Online Resources
Please copy and paste any links you would like the selection committee to review (online videos, resources etc)
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Purpose *
Please describe what your organization is about and why it exists. Note: With your permission, we may use this short blurb on a Powerpoint, information pamphlet, and/or on the ballot we use for selecting organizations.
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Partnership *
Strathcona is looking for an organization to work closely with and be the beneficiary of this year’s annual global or local initiative. Please describe WHY you think your organization should be chosen! What would a partnership with our school mean for your organizations long-term and short-term goals? What kind of impact could we make by working together? How can you assist us in organizing a successful and meaningful campaign? Do you have members who can meet with our students or present to the school population at the Live Launch or Bikeathon itself?
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Metrics of Impact *
Although we are open to exploring many facets of service in our annual campaign, there usually is a fundraising component. Do you have a specific project that you need funding for? Are you looking for general donations? Please break down as concretely as possible what you would like to do with the donations. If possible could you explain what a $25 or $100 donation would do for your organization/be used for. What could you do if we raise over $100 000? How many peoples live could we impact by working together?
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Campaign Ideas?
Please list any small or large event ideas, campaign names, marketing suggestions etc that could be used should your organization be chosen.
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Tax Receipts *
Administration fees? *
Please share how donated dollars are allocated in your organization using percentages.
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Online Fundraising *
For the past two years, we have made online fundraising user friendly by using a website called Causevox. Causevox has proven to be a very effective tool for fundraising, but does come with costs for the applying organization. Is your organization willing to set up a stripe account and manage the fee for Causevox should your organization be selected?
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