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The process of writing an MOU is iterative. We hope to continue to build and expand upon this collection http://bit.ly/utamou, which is why this workbook will use versioning as we continue to refine and add to this workbook. If you have used the #utamou, we would like to contact you to discuss your experiences. Please fill out the form below.


Your feedback is important, and you are granting permission for the use of this information in summarized and de-identified methods in future research by completing this form. These questions concern the use of the #utamou in various applications and at various institutions. Completing this form will take approximately 2 minutes. I do not anticipate that completing this form will contain any risk or inconvenience to you nor any direct benefit.

All information collected will be used only as part of this research and will be kept confidential. There will be no connection to you specifically in the results or in future publication of the results. Once research is completed, we wiould be happy to share the results with you if you desire. In the meantime if you have any questions, please ask or contact:


Additionally, if you have any concerns about this, please call or write the Office of Regulatory Services for assistance or additional information: 817-272-3723 or regulatoryservices@uta.edu. By completing the form, you are verifying that you have read and agree to this explanation. To request your information not be included later, please email rafia@uta.edu.

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If you create a template for a standardized project, we would like to include it in the workbook and give you credit as a contributor. Please indicate here if we may contact you.
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