Veterinary Student Externship Application
1. You will be asked to agree to the rules and regulations listed in our "Memorandum of Understanding," including details about our Payback Pledge. Please make sure you read this document before starting your application:

2. We will also ask you details about your extern coordinator, so please ensure you know who this is, and their phone number and email, before starting.

Contact Information
First Name
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Last Name
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Home Street Address
i.e. Not school address
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Canadian Provinces are located at the bottom of the list. Choose "N/A" (also at the bottom of the list) if your address is not USA/Canada-based.
Zip Code
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Phone Number
Please write as: 828-252-2079
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Please tell us your personal (i.e., not college) account
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Personal Details
Date of Birth
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We’d like to see if there are any under-represented applicants to our programs, so that we can think about ways to encourage them to join us. If you’d rather not respond, simply choose “Rather not respond.”
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