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You’re here because we think you’re talented and wonderful and would like to invite you to join our creative collective in a more official capacity as an active artist member and co-creator in 2019. We have a lot of big opportunities coming up that we’d like to share with our community, and we figured being more organized this year is a great place to start!

So this is it! Please fill out the form (there’s a checkbox for yes & no, so your response is appreciated either way!), or follow up with courtney marie or Nina Chantanapumma if you have any questions before taking the plunge. We can’t wait to hear back from you!

We humbly request that you submit your membership form by December 16, 2018 so we can spend our holiday break creating the beautiful new artist directory for our website and finish booking our first big showcase of the year: NEW YEAR’S REVOLUTION (Jan 12).

Learn more about the benefits and what it takes to be an artist member and co-creator with Spiderweb Salon here: www.spiderwebsalon.com/members

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