PWC Boards & Commissions Application: Represent Supervisor Frank J. Principi
Prince William County Government is an organization where elected leaders, staff and citizens work together to maintain a Community of Choice. One of the ways citizens can help is by serving on a board, committee or commission (BCCs). Nearly 600 County residents volunteer on a variety of BCCs. These residents are appointed by the Board of County Supervisors, and advise the Board on everything from aging issues to libraries and zoning regulations. If you aren’t able to volunteer to serve on a committee, you are welcome to come to the meetings to give your input on the variety of issues that these groups address. Before applying please review the position requirements, and schedule, to ensure that you can meet the obligations:
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Appointees play an essential role in crafting the policies and procedures that guide our community, and may provide oversight to County agencies. Therefore, Supervisor Principi seeks applicants with a nexus to the role they will fill. Please explain relevant skills, experience and areas of interest, to include volunteer work. *
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