Grass Fed Beef & Goat Order Form
Thank you for your interest in our grass fed beef and goat! After you fill out this order request, Anna will contact you directly to go over details and availability before the order is completed. Orders are taken on a waiting list in advance notice of having the products available.
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Grass fed beef as whole, half, and quarter is $3.50/lb hanging weight plus processing fees at Memphis Meats in Memphis, Indiana.

Grass fed goat is $6.50/lb hanging weight plus processing fees at Brewer's Livestock in North Vernon, Indiana.

Individual cuts of beef and goat can be purchased directly from McGuire Family Farms in Underwood, Indiana.
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If interested in individual cuts of beef or goat, how many lbs would you like of each?
Beef - Hamburger - $5.00/lb
Beef - Rib Eyes - $10.00/lb
Beef - Strip Steak - $15.00/lb
Beef - Sirloins - $10.00/lb
Beef - Chuck Roast - $8.00/lb
Beef - Stew Meat - $7.00/lb
Beef - Brisket - $7.00/lb
Goat - Ground - $10.00/lb
Goat - Chops - $15.00/lb
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