Science Fair Sign Up
The Science Fair will run at Science in the Park on the 10th March 2018. It is free to enter and there will prizes for the winners of each age group. You will need to present your experiment or model at the event so you must be available 11am - 3pm on the 10th March.

You can either bring a Model:
Students can make models out of any household materials.
Dimensions of model (must be free standing and fit on a table top of dimensions 1 x 1 metre) Students with models will be asked about them so they might want to research something about them too.

Or a Experiment
Choose something that interests you and ask a question
The question should contain one factor (variable) that you can change in your experiment and at least one factor (variable) that you can measure and you should try to make the experiment fair and stay safe.
Experimental results should be presented with a poster.

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