AEGEE Fair - Agora Enschede 2017
Do you want to participate in the upcoming AEGEE Fair @ Agora Enschede?
You want to find new members who are motivated, enthusiastic and ready to work/rock? You want to share and promote your projects with the network?

AEGEE Fair is the right place!
Apply till 3rd of May 23:59 CEST

Guidelines to follow for applying bodies:
- AEGEE Fair takes place on 24th of May between 10:00-12:00.
- All stands should have at least one representative present during the AEGEE Fair and communicating with the Fair Manager(s) before the event.
- Only stands with concrete content ideas/activities will be allowed.
- Be creative and have different PR materials to distribute (but be reasonable in quantities, avoid wasting paper and plastic)
- Give a chance to participants to engage with your represented body during and after the Fair. You can give some small prizes.

In case of questions contact us via

Which body are you representing? *
Working/Interest Group, Committees, Commissions, Project Teams, Locals, Academy
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Fair Responsible(s) *
Choose the person that will be in charge of your stand. No more than two people
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Contact e-mail *
E-mail of the person that will be contact us
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What will be the content of your stand? *
Ideas on how you are planning to attract members and to promote your AEGEE body/local, PR materials you are planning to have, quizzes...
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Equipment and materials you would need there *
Ex: beamer, flipcharts, laptop, pens/markers, etc.
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Description for AEGEE Fair Booklet. *
Please write a 'catchy' description to be included in the booklet. Tell us about your AEGEE body/local, your structure what are we going to find at your stand... Make an overview of ongoing and upcoming activities, provide contact information for those interested in getting to know better about your body/local
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Any comments, questions, suggestions?
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