Curbside Pickup
Curbside Pickup is available Monday - Thursday (12:00-7:00 PM, Friday (12:00-6:00 PM), and Saturday (9:00 AM - 12:00 PM). Appointments are scheduled for every 10 minutes.

We have an important request to make of all of you. Please resist the temptation to catch up with staff or your fellow patrons as you arrive/depart. We cannot provide this service unless everyone complies with social distancing requirements in the library building and on library grounds. Social distancing is essential to protect the health of the public and library staff as we provide this service.

Curbside appointments can be made over the phone, via email, or through this form.

Are you requesting materials? Please use this form instead:

Please wait until you receive a notice your items are on hold to schedule a pickup! We are scheduling appointments every 10 minutes. Please request a time slot accordingly. We will call you if we need to shift your time slot. Otherwise, please plan to arrive at the time you requested.

When picking up materials, please call the library at 756-3215 when you arrive in our parking lot. Please wait in your car! Staff will place the materials on the designated table outside for pick up upon receiving your call and identifying your vehicle. Patrons are expected to take the materials from the table.

Staff will not collect returning materials, which should be placed in the book drop.

Pickup service will be rescheduled in case of inclement weather. We are not permitted to provide pickup service in the library vestibule.

These services may change as external conditions change. Please follow our Facebook page and website for additional details and updates. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding!
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Date of pickup (Please skip this question until you've received a hold notice and are ready to schedule a pickup.)
What time will you pick up your materials? (We are scheduling appointments in 10 minute intervals starting each hour. For example, 9:00, 9:10, 9:20, 9:30, etc.)
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