Microgravity and Space Environments Community Survey
The UK Space Agency is currently surveying size and shape of the UK community engaged with microgravity and space environments research. The information we collect will help ensure we have an up-to-date and accurate picture of current activities in the UK, and will inform future planning and investment decisions.

Completing the survey should take no more than twenty minutes (depending on how long your answers are) and we really appreciate your time.

The term ‘space environments’ is used throughout the survey. This refers to all research which uses one or more of the characteristics of space and/or space-analogue facilities which mimic these characteristics (i.e. microgravity, radiation, exposure etc.). These facilities include but are not limited to: the ISS, sounding rockets, parabolic flights, drop towers, bed rest, isolation facilities and radiation facilities.

The more information the better – we need a full picture of the size and health of the community; missed opportunities or inclement research environments are as significant as the ‘success stories’. Please feel free to provide any additional detail not captured in the questions in the ‘comments’ section at the end.
Note: the information you provide will be handled in confidence, but could be used in information and briefings shared with colleagues in other government agencies and departments – the UK Space Agency would contact you for consent in advance of sharing information in such a way. Are you happy for your information to be shared?
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