#SupportStartups is a ground-up initiative by the venture capital community to support our startup ecosystem in Southeast Asia during this COVID 19 crisis. Consumers have the power to keep startups and their substantial workforces stable during the downturn – and we want to harness the collective strength of our employees, partners and friends while they continue to benefit from great services!

So, we've built a website at www.supportstartups.com to host offers/promos/discounts to drive traffic to startups. This is generally intended to encourage a revenue boost to startups that have operations and a team to support; and is not an ad platform. Fill in this form if you’re a startup based in Southeast Asia and would like to participate! We’ll be in touch.

Hian Goh, Openspace Ventures
Vishal Harnal, 500 Startups
William Klippgen, Cocoon Capital

NOTE: We are heartened by the overwhelming response ( >250 entries within 24 hours!), but as a result do not have the capacity to reach out to all businesses individually to co-create deals. It is important we ensure the best experience for consumers and businesses to drive continued traction for the page. As a guide, discounts <15%, low flat rate discounts, free / promotional activities, or discounts that require a high minimum spend are not likely to be featured.
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