Art Camp at Clapping Hands Farm! FALL 2019 & SPRING 2020
Art Camp for Homeschoolers at Clapping Hands Farm in Pittsboro runs from 9-3:30 on TUESDAYS through the Fall-Winter-Spring. Age range recommendations vary somewhat session by session. in the 2019-2020 session our campers were mostly ages 10-16 with a few 8, 9 and 17 year olds mixed in. This year I am want to accommodate ages 8 and 9 for at least some of the sessions. Campers older than 16 or 17 normally welcome if they are interested in the session topics. We also need older teens and adult volunteers as COUNSELORS for all our sessions. Younger campers considered on a case by case basis.

We have four sessions planned for the 2019-2020 season. Each session runs 6-8 weeks with different teachers and themes. Each session will feature one or more morning workshops; when there is more than one morning session campers will choose ONE of these workshops to focus on in the mornings. Then, after lunch, we’ll have "Anything Goes" an array of games, art activities and workshops to choose from.

Our pricing includes DISCOUNTS for signing up EARLY ($25 off each session) and for signing up for the whole SEMESTER rather than one session at a time ($25 off each session).

We will work together to make a PLAY out of one of Teli's stories. There are LOTS of ways to be involved in this production! There will be opportunities to write scenes, act, drum, make music, sew costumes, and create props, etc! So come on writers, actors, musicians and visual artists, we need you all!
September 17- October 29
Seven Weeks. With a possible additional performance day TBA.
$400. ($375 if you sign up and pay by September 6; $350 if you sign up and pay for BOTH Fall sessions by September 6.)
LEAD TEACHERS: Teli Shabu- Storyteller, Drummer. Mardi Magoo- Costume designer, Props Artist

We will create GIFTS, special hand made things for celebrating KWANZAA, ZAWADI for Kwanzaa giving, and for those who would like to ART FOR SALE at a local craft fair.
November 5- December 10 with December 17 reserved as a weather make up day.
Six Weeks PLUS at least one selling day. $350 ($325 if you sign up and pay by September 6; $300 if you sign and pay for both Fall sessions by September 6).
GIFTS and ART FOR SALE with Louise Omoto Kessel and a guest artist each week. No Focus Group choice required for this session.

SESSION THREE: January 7-February 18 with February 25 reserved as a weather make-up day.
7 Weeks. $400. ($375 if you sign up and pay by December 1; $350 if you sign up and pay for BOTH Spring sessions by December 1.)

March 3- April 21 with a weather make up day on April 28
NO Tuesday Art Camp ON April 7 because we run a Spring Break Camp that week.
7 weeks of camp. $400. ($375 if you sign up and pay by December 1; $350 if you sign up and pay for BOTH Spring sessions by December 1)
Please fill out a separate form for each person who is attending.
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