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A Novel Idea is a community-minded independent bookstore and event space in East Passyunk, Philadelphia. We love to work with local authors and artisans, and have scheduled a variety of events from poetry readings to original plays to story times. Please note we are only scheduling virtual events at this time.

If you are interested in hosting an event at A Novel Idea, please fill out the form below. We receive many inquiries each week, and book events 3-6 months in advance. We will respond to you as quickly as possible. Note: We are currently accepting requests for July 2021 on. Any requests for dates prior to that will be disregarded. Thank you!
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What kind of event are you interested in happening at A Novel Idea? *
Who would host the event? Note: A Novel Idea is not responsible for hosting your event. *
If you have a book: What is it's publication date? ISBN? *If A Novel Idea is unable to order copies of your book, you will be responsible for supplying them for the event. *
If someone other than you is going to host, please provide their contact information below. *
What date(s)/times were you thinking of? Keep in mind that we are booking for June 2021 onward. *
How many people do you think will attend this event? *
Have you had events anywhere else in the area for this book within the last six months? *
If your answer was yes, where and when did you have the event/events? We suggest leaving AT LEAST two weeks between events to guarantee the best turnout. *
We suggest that you attend one of our events before submitting this. Why do you think A Novel Idea should run this event? What will this event add to our community? *
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