WHIRO- Final evaluation
This questionnaire is addressed to both students and teachers at the end of the two year project in order to measure the level of improvement achieved in all participants and also evaluate it and its results.
Which participating country of the partnership do you belong to? *
Which is your age range?
1. At the end of the two year project, have you improved your awareness and knowledge about VAW (Violence against women)? *
2. How much is the level of this awareness and knowledge? *
3. Could you improve the knowledge of your national laws about VAW? *
4. How much do you evaluate the level of this knowledge? *
5. Could you improve the knowledge of some international laws about VAW? *
6. How much can your consider this level of knowledge? *
7. In your opinion which is the most dangerous kind of violence against women today? *
8. With what means can women defend themselves? *
9. Do you believe in the importance of prevention? *
10. In what school order should prevention be implemented? *
11. In your opinion with which means a good prevention campaign should be carried out?
12. Which topics the prevention campaign should focus?
13. In your opinion at which level a prevention campaign is much more effective?
14. What could you improve working in groups of mixed nationality?
15. During the activities about EU in your school which aspects could you focus?
16. What skills do you think you have developed thanks to this project?
17. According to your personal experience, which are the most important results of this project?
18. What activities have you contributed to inside the parallel eTwinning project "Stop violence against women"?
19. Which dissemination activity did you like the best?
20. Would you recomend a similar project to other students?
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