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Please answer ALL questions in the Application Form in ENGLISH. At the end of each page of the Application Form you can save and submit your application. A communication window will appear and you will then receive a link which will permit you to add to or edit your application. You can share that link with your collaborators. Your answers are editable until you submit the form.

The information collected in this Application Form will be used only by the ECFI team in the process of reviewing an Application for funding. The information provided herein will not be disclosed to any third parties.

Geographic restrictions: The CF2CF Exchange Program serves community foundations (CFs) and community foundation support organisations (CFSOs) in Europe (which is defined in a broad geographical and cultural sense, i.e. including Turkey as well as the Caucasus).
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By filling in the Application Form, I declare that I am entitled to fill in this application form on behalf of Organisation A. I confirm that have read and understand the purpose and conditions of the CF2CF Exchange Program of ECFI ( I have provided up-to-date, correct and full information on my organisation for the purposes of evaluation of this application. The information provided here relates to the public domain and advances charitable goals.
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