NOBLE New York Committees
Our MISSION is to ensure equity in the administration of justice in the provision of public service to all communities, and to serve as the conscience of law enforcement by being committed to justice by action.

Getting Involved into a chapter committee is very beneficial. It allows you to interact with others in the  organization, learn new skills and gives you visibility in the organization as we achieve our overall mission of justice by action. Here's a list of Committees and their responsibilities: (Multiple Choices allowed)
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Constitution and Bylaws Committee
It shall be the duty of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee to: Receive and evaluate recommendations for changes to the Constitution and Bylaws; and Present to the Chapter all revisions and proposed amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws.
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Education and Training Committee
 It shall be the duty of the Education and Training Committee to: Identify training needs, and select, develop, coordinate, and implement workshops for the Chapter. Identify funding resources with which to provide training.
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Membership Committee
It shall be the duty of the Membership Committee to: ​Develop and provide membership programs and services as directed by the Executive Board. Develop and promote continuous programs for the enhancement, retention, and reclamation of the Chapter’s membership. Present the membership concerns to the Executive Board. Develop strategies for recruitment.
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Program Committee
It shall be the duty of the Program Committee to: ​Survey needs, evaluate findings and make recommendations to the ​     Executive Board of fundraising projects to commensurate the aims, ​purpose and resources of the Chapter. Develop and coordinate financial projects that are consistent with the plans of the Executive Board.
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Community Outreach Committee
It shall be the duty of the Community Outreach Committee to: Develop and provide programs and services that assist the Chapter in networking with civic organizations, churches, and persons in the community to forge better relationships between law enforcement and the community. Identify funding resources with which to provide for outreach programs.
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Health and Welfare Committee
It shall be the duty of the Health and Welfare Committee to: Identify the needs of members as it relates to the welfare of members and their relatives. Report to the Executive Board requests and recommendations for providing assistance to members in need. Execute on behalf of the Executive Board the gift-giving or other assistance in response to each request presented. Promote the quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort, that emphasize preventing illness, by prolonging life as oppose to treating disease.
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Political Awareness Committee
It shall be the duty of the Political Awareness Committee to: Identify and report on political activities and issues that may affect members of the Organization. Report and recommend to the Executive Board the status of political speakers interested in addressing the Chapter
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Scholarship Committee
It shall be the duty of the Scholarship Committee to: Develop and administer the scholarship program of the Chapter and make recommendations concerning the same to the Executive Board. Identify funding resources with which to provide for scholarships.
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Mentoring Committee
It shall be the duty of the mentoring committee to: Be responsive and involved in mentoring solutions that benefit youth, particularly, disadvantage Black and Latino youths. The main objectives are to: Close the cultural gap between youth of color and their perception of people in law enforcement. Help our youth better understand the law and the consequence of their actions. Provide positive and supportive law enforcement role models who work or reside in the same communities as the youth we serve.
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