IBA-VIAC CDRC Vienna 2019 Volunteer Application
Please fill in your data here to apply to become a Volunteer for the 2019 CDRC competition AFTER having carefully reviewed the expectations of volunteers on our webpage!
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Are you affiliated/closely related to a University that you are aware will apply to CDRC this year? *
Note: This will not influence your application but, if you become part of the event team, you will need to make sure to keep strict distance to that team to avoid causing a wrong perception to other teams (e.g. you cannot share a hotel room with them).
Please tick when you will be availability during and before/after the competition. *
Please note: All volunteers MUST be available for the full time of Friday, 5 July, 9 am to Wednesday 10 July, noon
I am also interested in interning with IBA-VIAC CDRC from about 2 months before the competition
Tasks would include for example the design and structure of the competition brochure, coordination with expert assessors, scheduling of sessions, scheduling of teams, coordination of the various events of the event week etc. This could be done in Vienna or long distance. Details would be flexibly agreed with interested applicants. This is an unpaid internship.
On a scale of 1-10, how punctual would your friends rate you?
every single time
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I understand that this is a volunteer application and that my invitation will depend on the review and possible further questions by the CDRC organizers. I have read the details and expectations for volunteer applications. I understand that CDRC cannot cover any of my travel or accommodation costs. *
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