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System Failure Alert! is a grass-roots project based in Seattle/King County and surrounding areas in Washington State that empowers street youth and other people by sharing our stories and experiences about “system failures”—problems we encounter with social services, medical providers, law enforcement, transit, and other systems that are supposed to help us but often fail to do so—and how we deal with these problems and take care of ourselves.

“System failures” include: verbal or physical violence, harassment, threats, rejection, discrimination (race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, source of income, housing status, etc.), judgmental attitudes, policies and procedures that are unfair, and other mistreatment by institutions and organizations that are supposed to help us. We collect and share these stories to establish patterns of systemic abuse, build power for ourselves, and hold the offending institutions accountable.

Reports are ANONYMOUS. After removing personally identifiable information, we would use part of your story in SFA! zines, online, or in educating the public so that other people can learn from your experience and make institutions treat us better.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or visit
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Are you reporting about your own experience? *
friends, family members, advocates and others can make a report for someone with his or her permission
If you are making a report for someone else, what is your relationship to that person?
friend, partner, brother/sister, case worker, etc.
How old are you? (Or, how old is the person you are making a report for?)
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Tell us about yourself. (Or, tell us about the person you are making a report for.)
what race/gender/sexuality do you identify? what else do you think might help us understand where you are coming from or the context for the system failure?
What "system" caused the problem?
like police, hospital, youth shelter, etc. please be as specific as possible--like which police station, which clinic, etc.
What other describing information can you give about this "system"?
like police car number, badge number, names of people, etc.
Where did this "system failure" occur? What city? What part of town?
like "Capitol Hill in Seattle" or “Downtown Auburn”—be as specific as possible
When did this "system failure" occur?
try to use a specific date and time, or guess as close as possible
Tell us what happened as best as you can.
details are very helpful!
How did you respond?
this can include: running away, calling friends for help, talking your way out of trouble, etc.
Is there anything else you would like us to know?
Thank you for sharing your story!
If you want to talk to us further, or get involved with us, please contact:

text & voicemail: (713) 364-4475‬‬‬
postal: SFA!/CHR, PO Box 3484, Federal Way, WA 98063
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